Front Page Photo

The front page background photo space does not have any criteria. We will be switching it out constantly with new exciting images. If you listed on the site and have a cool photo with full rights to be used on this site by the photographer then please send it in – info@www.proskiers.com

Criteria for Athlete Profiles

Initially we are only listing on the Athletes page any skier who is in the 2015 or 2016 IWWF(IWSF) Elite Rankings.  If you are not on the current rankings list you may still be eligible to have a profile, however to get to it, you may have to go directly to the page. Example: (http://www.proskiers.com/athlete/firstname-lastname/).

The criteria to meet :

  • You must have skied in one of the IWWF(IWSF) Elite Ranking events.
  • You are or have previously been a World Champion or World Record Holder.
  • You are a Junior and have previously skied at the Jr. US Masters or Jr. Moomba Masters in 2015.
  • You are featured in one of our news articles.

Later we may add Juniors and Big Dawgs but we have to draw a line somewhere to get started.

Thanks for understanding and have a great season.

Profile social feeds

To uphold the professional appearance of the athletes and the sport we will remove any profiles social feeds that contain inapropreate messages, images or comments. Once the messages have been removed you can contact us to re-connect them. – info@www.proskiers.com

Tournament Rulebook

If you are after learning the full rules of the sport then you can download them here – 2016 Tournament Rulebook

Thanks to all the Waterski Companies