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If your event is one of the current IWSF Elite Rankings events, then we will add your event to ProSkiers.com

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Please submit all photos in the highest quality possible or they may not be used. The event logo/banner needs to be submitted in 16:9 aspect ie. 1280 x 720px in 300dpi. The page background image needs to be a wide shot of the site. Ideally a drone shot. Only submit photos you have the right to use and please credit the photographer.

If anyone is having issues with sending large files then please email them to – info@www.proskiers.com and make sure the filenames are labeled for example :- logo-banner-moomba-masters.jpg and background-moomba-masters.jpg.

Below is an example of how we will use your page background photo. Please find photos that are wider shots that can be cropped. Remember 300dpi. No Black and White for these two images.


Thanks to all the Waterski Companies