Athlete Submission Form

If you are listed in the 2015 or 2016 IWSF Elite Rankings then we will add your profile to
(Criteria for Athlete Profiles)

This site is to help promote you as Professional Athletes to promote you and your sport in a professional way. We hope that you will use this site to keep us up-to-date with current information along with Photos and Videos. To get things started we have created a form with the minimum information we require for your profile.

Personal Information

Physical Details

About Me

Social Information

Please just copy the URL from your social page. Examples below.


Industry sponsor will automatically display logos. Other sponsors will be text only.


Contact Information

Photo Upload

Please submit all photos in the highest quality possible or they may not be used. Anything already uploaded to social media will be too low. The Shoulder up shot needs to be taken with a plain flat wall background so it can be cut out. Only submit photos you have the right to use and please credit the photographer.
Please email your photos to – and make sure the filenames are labeled for example :- headshot-tom-grey.jpg and banner-tom-grey.jpg


Below is an example of how we will cut out your headshots. Please find color photos that have been taken on a plain background like a passport photo style. We need your shoulders and up. No hats, caps, helmets, skis, or sunglasses please. Just a simple headshot. We will be taking photos of you throughout the season to make sure you all have a good one.


Below is an example of how we will cut out your main action photos. Please find photos that have you more at the top or wider shots that can be cropped. Remember 300dpi. No Black and White for these two images. You can send other images later.


Thanks to all the Waterski Companies